Doctorzy: online doctor appointment booking application in Agartala



Doctorzy  is a  high-performing appointment booking solutions for leading hospitals, nursing home, clinics and for individual doctors .We combine our technical skills and innovative ideas to deliver a solution which meets your requirements in best possible way.

The solutions delivered by us eliminate the gap between patients and doctors. They give patients the flexibility to book their appointment with the doctor in their neighborhood. Our highly experienced team of developers understands your requirements well, and delivers a solution which is up-to-the-mark.

Why Online Appointment Scheduling Systems?

Online appointment scheduling systems are not only time-saving agents but income-generating assistants too, that provide operational convenience and promote relations built with your patients.

More than 4.3 billion people in the world are expected to use a mobile phone this year. Statistical data from 2015 show strong growth rates in terms of mobile Internet usage and the trend continues to 2016 as well. That would suggest why it is a no-brainer for people to seek healthcare assistance online with a tap just as they would for other services.The benefits tied to these online services are many and often interconnected.

Doctors Booking Application in Agartala :

The online doctor booking is the new trend in this digital era, when everything getting smarter, healthcare field should also be smarter.Most of the user are now using Smartphone in the recent days and are looking for a smart solution using their mobile phone.

Agartala is the city  where people still need to be in the line to get the appointment of a doctor or specialist. Which take lots of time, energy to get in. There are some specialist in the city, if you want to visit their chamber, you need to be in the line at 2 AM of midnight. And another problem is  the people who are living in rural area and remote villages are unable to visit the chambers due to the distance and time.

To solve all the problems,  here come the Doctorzy :  Health Care Application , Doctorzy is the first mobile application of Tripura, which allow you to book any specialist with in a second using your smartphone. This application will bring a revolution to the traditional system of Medical Practice, this will not only help the common user, this application will bring changes in the  public Hospital, Nursing homes, and clinics.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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