How to book the Appointments of Doctors in Agartala ? AppointDoctor online with Doctorzy

Appoint Doctors Online with Doctorzy at Agartala :


The very popular question we always ask our neighbors or relatives is “Who is the best doctor in Agartala?” for a particular disease or problem .  But neighbors and relatives are not always the best option to get suggestion on this. And it is  a very tough task to keep the details of the Specialist doctors around you every time. So what is the solution for this  ? When you required a good specialist for  treatment ?

Well , Here Doctorzy -The online Doctor Appointment Booking app  plays a vital role to give you the updates of the Specialist doctors you are looking for and the mobile application allows you to book the appointment of that particular doctor for checkup. Doctorzy is a very small mobile application (around 5 MB ) in size can be downloaded from the Google Playstore.

doctorzy-doctor appointment app
[ Click Here for Download the  Doctorzy App  ]

Probably Doctorzy is the first mobile application launched in Agartala , Tripura, Which make the Doctor Appointment easy and fast. So here is the Question,

How to Appoint Doctor Online using Doctorzy App ?

The basic step to start with this mobile application is to Download the app from Google Play store, The link is provided above or you can Click here .

doctorzy mobile app     doctors in agartala

Once your download is complete, you can open the Doctorzy application and follow the next step for the Registration. As you are looking for doctors so kindly choose “patient” categories from the Option .

A registration Form will be there, kindly fill all the details in the form and mention your  correct mobile number to verify the account. Once you click on submit after filling all the details and OTP will be sent to you on your registered mobile number.  You need to enter the OTP to verify your account, once you done this part your registration will be complete with the Doctorzy App and now you will be able to login to the mobile application.

So the Registration part is very simple.  Fill-up the Details and Verify the OTP done.  Now after login , How to proceed ?

Well, Once you will login to the app, A Dashboard will be there, Where you can see the “Doctor”  Icon. Click into this, and a page will come up with Doctors Name.  Now you can filter the doctors according to specialty and District or location basis.  Find out the best doctor and Click on the ” Book Now”  button.

This will help you to know the details of the Doctor, like the Time Table of the Clinic, Doctors Fees, Doctor Education and all. Simply  Choose the available dates from the option available in the Doctorzy Application and Fill your name ,Phone number and Symptoms and Click on Confirm Booking.   DONE. 

You just booked the Doctor in a very simple and convenient way  🙂

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